About Us

We are information management folks specializing in automation and innovation of content and information strategy.

Strategizing your content

Content and information are used interchangeably by people across various departments. Add raw data to this inventory and it call be overwhelmingly and information flow can be difficult to handle, manage, and coordinate effectively and efficiently.

Our team of experts in content management and strategy can help you with a customized solution that meets your data, content, and information management needs. Add some artificial intelligence programs to automate some daily mundane tasks using custom-built templates to suit your orgnizational needs.

Preparing training material from lengthy and bulky source materials can be tiresome even for experts in the field. Our training automation scripts simplify this process and let you focus on organizing your training content within the shortest span of time.

We Are Experts

DITA Migration

We migrate DocBook, SGML, structured and unstructured FrameMaker, XML, HTML, and MS-Word content to DITA format in a quick, efficient, and foolproof manner for technical publication teams.

Content Strategy

Streamlining content originating from various departments for a unified information flow and access can be done using our AI-based strategy solutions.

Information Management

Different enterprises have varying information needs. Our Deep Learning solutions study your information needs and provide tools to effectively manage your information.

Training Material Automation

Enterprises and education institutions need training information but lack time to process boatloads of content. Our AI-based solutions help speed up the process of creating training materials.

Content Migration

With content spread across various departments in various formats, you might want to consider our content migration solution that helps in managing all your content from a single source point.

Template Management

Automating daily processes and tasks such as minuting the meetings and preparing schedules can be handled effectively using our automatic templates that reduce your workload to a significant degree.

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