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Do what you love to do

posted by Tenneti
Do what you love to do

Think of life like this. There are so many things that you can do. There are many other things that you cannot really do.

While, there are also things that you do not like to do. Analyze your daily routine and classify your regular tasks under each of these categories.

It is hasty to presume that you can do anything and everything. On the other hand, it is pessimistic to conclude that everything is impossible. While most of us like to do many things and like to make the best use of the time at our disposal, we mostly end up doing nothing and wasting a lot of time.

So, how to change this and do all the things that we always wanted to do? Use ideas. Yes, it is time for you to come up with some interesting ideas to do something completely new. You should come up with ideas that work for you. Well, I can give ideas to change your way of life. However, these ideas are based on my perspectives and their foundation is in my culture, thought process, and attitude. My ideas work best in my situation – age, country, profession, culture, preferences, and so forth. They might not be useful or new for you. Only, you can come up with really new ideas.

Yes, the newness should change the way you lead your life. Recollect all the typical moments in your day – happy or sad. Every moment that you spend worrying over trivial tasks and topics, stop, divert and think about all the tasks that you like to do. The best way to identify such tasks or things is to identify the associated feeling. Every task is associated with a feeling – positive or negative. Every time I begin writing to blog, I’m a bit excited to complete it and there is a positive feeling associated with blogging for me.

Thus, make a list of tasks that bring a smile on your face. Narrow down this list further to select tasks that make you really happy. Well, it might just be listening to your favorite artist on radio or watching a football match.

Mix and match your skills with this activity. If you enjoy writing and sports, you might consider the options of becoming a sports writer. If you like cooking and hate writing, you can make videos of your cooking classes. This might be another beginning. Well, these are just ideas and need further research, analysis, practice, hardwork, and perseverance. Remember the clichéd saying that Rome was not built in a day.

Try to come up with a list of combinations of tasks that you like to do. Do a research on the Internet and you will surprised that many people are already into these activities and give loads of advice for amateurs like you.

So, add meaning to your life, today, by doing all the things that you always wanted to do. However, you need consider the family, financial, and cultural constraints associated with sudden change. With careful deliberation and planning, you can easily switch careers and make it big in a task that you love.

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