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How to motivate from within?

posted by Tenneti

You must have heard this many times – motivation comes from within. However, it is difficult to know how to motivate ourselves. Whether you want to motivate yourself to get a promotion in a job, or to get out of an unexpected happening in your life, you can do some little things to motivate yourself.

Focus more on the goals that you want to achieve than the status quo. When we are caught in some troubles, we think more about the problems trying to figure out a solution. It is better to think about the solution first and work it out in the opposite direction. Thus, you will be able to divert your attention towards the solution rather than being discouraged about the problem. You will also be amazed at the way in which you motivate yourself sub-consciously.

Associate your goal with positive aspects. More often, we associate our goals with all the hardship and struggle that we might have to endure to reach our goal. More often than not, we think only about meeting all the difficult people and going through difficult times to reach our goals. If you make the path so troublesome, why would you ever want to tread the path? Your sub-conscious mind would favor no work and prefer status quo and hence there would not be any change in your life.

Believe in your ability to reach your goal. People often do not trust their abilities and you can never succeed in any mission without trusting your own abilities. The day you learn to believe your abilities, you will easily reach your goal. Well, there are many factors that hinder your thought process when you want to believe your abilities. First, people near and far play a strong role in discouraging you. They might do this to make sure you do not get into troubles. It is your responsibility to convince yourself and convince them in return so that you keep going without looking back. Second, situations might become bizarre all of a sudden and shatter your confidence levels. You must program your response and reaction patterns to fight against situations. You will master these responses and reactions only through experiences. Once again, it is your beliefs that play a major role in reinforcing your reaction patterns. As you have already noticed, it is a spiral and you must strive to direct the spiral in a positive way instead of treading the negative zones.

Be flexible in your expectations. Things change a lot during the course of your execution of plans. You are prone to get unduly worried when some things do not happen according to your expectations. You must avoid looking at such events from an emotional perspective and jump the logical bandwagon to understand the implications of the change and re-program your expectations at every juncture to meet your goals. Since you have established your goals and expectations, you can always be flexible and re-evaluate them as necessary.

Continue your growing spirit. Most people get de-motivated once they have reached all their goals. Hence, it is necessary to revisit your goals every time you reach a goal and set a higher goal. Once you get used to the dreaming and achieving cycle, it will be very difficult to bask on a single glory. Hence, be prepared with a new set of goals every time you are successful in reaching one goal. Thus, you always remain motivated and reach all your goals. Let growth be continuous and you will never get worried or de-motivated in any aspect.

Well, these are a few ideas that play a significant role in motivating yourself. You can always come up with new ideas to motivate yourself and rejuvenate your energy levels at the right time.

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