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Understanding the importance of Ethics

posted by Tenneti

Ethics lay the solid foundation for a group of individuals to work together or live together. They form the framework within which your conduct, behavior, and management should function efficiently in harmony with others work. Such a framework is essential for every organization as organizations do not run in isolation and are a part of the bigger picture with many other players and stakeholders.

Ethics help in taking decisions – small and big. Small decisions include those that we take day in and day out. Imagine you have to attend a business meeting and you are not sure which pair of jeans you would like to wear. Thanks to the accepted dress codes, you plan to be present in formal attire when you represent your company and interact with customers. Strictly speaking, the dress code and such issues might not come under the ambit of ethics. However, they are all related to each other and reflect the way in which we present ourselves and do our work everyday. Thus, having a set of standards for behavior always helps us in taking decisions – small and big.

Big decisions refer to the decisions that you are compelled to take during testing and demanding times. Very often, when we are at crossroads, there is some part of the brain, which misguides us and asks us to consider shortcuts to get things done. Only when we are truly ethical, we will consider the repercussions of actions and refrain from doing so. It is obvious that our ethics lead us in the right direction. They prevent us from getting steered in the other directions. Gradually, ethics become a part of your thought process and transform into a good habit that enhances your decision making abilities. You will soon be able to put ethics first before considering any decision.
Ethics minimize your fears. Our daily routine is mired by countless fears, the worst of them being our fear for the future. When we are used to taking decisions and going in an ethical way, we never have the reason to fear for our actions and their consequences. More often than not, there will be a sense of comfort within each one of us when we are sure that our decisions and actions have always been ethical.

Integrity adds to your courage and makes you bold enough to face tough situations. Integrity also helps in building your character and image. You will soon be revered as the executive who strongly believes in ethics and will earn respect wherever you go. You are already aiming to become an expert in your field of operation and want to be considered a guru. You might be alarmed to know that executives with true ethical spirit are more often considered for progression when compared to others.

Spiritually, you will always be on the safe side when you are accustomed to the ethical way of working and living. The spiritual comfort that you get when you are sure that your actions and behavior have been considerate and ethical is magnanimous. Likewise, you tend to become an inspiration for all the people around you. It is difficult to stick to ethics even during testing times and people will definitely recognize your will power and try to learn from you.

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