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Wading through testing times

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Wading through testing times

Do you begin your day worrying about your boss and colleagues? Is the workplace so de-motivating that you plan to quit the company in spite of it suiting all your career as well as domestic needs? Many employees face this typical problem. It is easier to say that the tough get going as the going gets tough. Ironically, we consider very few times going against the wave and solving our problems. It does not mean that you need to pick up a row with your boss. Here are some facts that detail the situation in which self-help is essential and the ways to combat pressure follow thereafter.

Either your boss is insecure or your colleagues often try to bully you and take advantage of your mistakes. There is a lot of backstabbing going on in your office.

There is no team spirit in your company. Lack of cooperation can often lead you to be bitterly angry against your colleagues and team members. To worsen the situation, your boss himself might act detrimental to ensure team cohesiveness.

Lack of proper leadership is the other situation where things are in a very confused state. Your boss has little control over things that happen within the team and there is no point of contact that can help you overcome the grievance.
Politics abound and there is no focus on the performance of the organization as a whole. The boss who should curb the politics also plays a vital role in increasing the flames within the team. Unable to decide which side to take, you are often left at crossroads.

There is a total de-motivating trend in the organization. Fears such as layoffs trigger such a phenomenon in the organization.

Once you are sure that self-help is quite essential to come out of this situation, consider the following tips from experts.
The first significant step towards self motivation is to alienate you from the negative forces that mar your workplace environment. It can be either gossip or a de-motivating boss. You can alienate from a negative boss by concentrating only on improving your productivity. Your boss will indeed be happy if you are focused and things can begin working your way.
Secondly, identify the people within your team and their motives. If you find that a team member is trying to corner you, the best way is to speak directly to the person. Make friends with foes. Never participate in any negative agenda against your boss or any colleague which can boomerang.

Do unto others what you expect them to do to you. Be cordial and honest and it does not hurt to being down-to-earth until things get settled. Understand the priorities and motives of team members and deal with them through these motives. You can ensure a growing team spirit through this way.

People often tend to find scapegoats to hurt if they are hurt by their managers. Avoid this and you have friends everywhere. Learn to admit to your mistakes and say sorry as often necessary.

Visualize your workplace to be a good workplace and associate it with only happy moments. In this way, you can ward of the building negativity and maintain better rapport with the different people.

With little amount of introspection and analysis, you can comfortably wade through testing times. Ultimately, it is left to your guts to solve problems on your own.

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