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Tips on Time Management

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Are you getting distracted frequently? Are you in a habit of pushing your deadlines? Do you work efficiently and effectively? You need not worry as all of us lack somewhere or the other in accomplishing our daily or long term objectives/deadlines. In order to execute and meet deadlines we have to work very efficiently.

Now, let us speak about some basic and easy tips to organize our working hours more efficiently and get more out of our work day. It’s about building a system that will help in accomplishing our daily tasks. Initially, you need to work towards building and following the system but gradually you will notice that this system will takeover you in organizing your tasks, be it short term or long term. Everything will be system driven and then you will realize a substantial development in your efficiency.

1. Set clear expectations while making appointments

The very first thing that disturbs us is the series of unwanted phone calls. If you are not interested in any of those sales calls, then you can block them with the help of your service provider. Also, it is always better to tell your friends and family about the time period when you are least busy in office and can attend calls. By separating work and phone calls, you will be able to focus more on each task and get more out of your time. Remember that you need to focus on the task at hand. Hence, an important time management tip is to do whatever you can to minimize distractions, such as phone calls.

2. Prepare a to-do list the day before

To-do lists are one of the important building blocks of time management system. Before you leave the office each day, you must prepare a to-do list for the following day and prioritize it. Thus, as soon as you come into the office next morning, you know where to focus your attention. Also, if there is something important waiting for your immediate attention you can always prioritize it and modify your to-do list accordingly.

3. Execute the major tasks first

Begin your day with one of the large, important tasks and then go onto smaller and less important tasks. By focusing first on the large tasks, you will complete them in a short span of time and will be able to deal with smaller tasks later. However, if you start with the smaller tasks you will soon find them filling up your day with no time left for you to do the larger tasks.

4. Execute tasks that take less than 5 minutes immediately

If you have a task you need to do that is going to take a few minutes to complete, then do it as soon as you receive it. Thus, you will get the small things out of the way and you do not need to think about them.

5. Keep your workstation and desk organized

A major cause of ineffective time management is disorganization. Keep your workstation organized. Make different folders for different tasks so that you are able to navigate through them easily and sooner. Also, manage your mailbox by creating personal folders for various activities as it will be easy to navigate through them. Similarly, keep your desk and office organized, keep everything on hand and keep things in the place assigned for them. You will not waste time searching for the things you need.

6. Prioritize

Setting priorities is vital for effective office time management. An important time management tip is to know both on a long term and daily basis what your priorities are. Thus, you can prioritize your long term goals and your daily to-do list.

7. Set SMART goals

Another important time management tip is to set SMART goals. SMART goals stand for specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding and timely goals. By setting SMART goals, you know what you are working towards, have a way of measuring when it has been successfully completed and know when you want to complete it. SMART goals are useful in showing you the steps you needed to take in order to fulfill your dreams.

8. Choose technology carefully

Technology can either be useful for improving time management or hindering time management. Finally, be careful while choosing the technology you use to ensure that it really improves your productivity and efficiency and does not harm it.

Effective office time management means setting SMART goals, prioritizing, focusing, and using technology that improves effective time management instead of hindering it. By implementing these times management tips, you should be able to manage your time effectively and get more out of your work day.

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