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Develop common goals and shared vision

posted by Tenneti

Developing a common goal is an easy task. Consider the priorities of all your team members and strategize to put team goals as a top priority and very soon you will be astonished at the team attitude towards common goals. Indeed, you can also begin by letting them formulate their own goals. Apart from the common goals, it is really very difficult to inculcate the spirit of shared vision. People hardly consider the organizational vision as their own vision. To succeed in fostering a shared vision, you should make each employee feel that it is his or her own organization. Here are some ways in which you can develop common goals and shared vision.

Authority and responsibility need to be clear. Give employees more responsibility and accountability and let them come up with ideas to better their performance and come up with common goals. Enforcing goals on your employees will not help you in the long run due to lack of commitment. Let your employees understand the fact that they have the freedom to collectively come up with goals that suit the organizational needs.

Foster equality among the employees. Most managers commit the mistake of delegating the responsibility to formulate goals entirely to the teams. It is a very good practice unless a part of the team dominates the entire team. This adds to fostering negativity within the team and the team spirit soon dwindles. Any efforts to retain the positive team spirit will be very difficult. The best approach, therefore, is to participate in the group meetings while formulating goals for the team. Brainstorm with your employees to come up with goals that suit the organizational mission and vision. Experts have found it interesting to note that teams come up with more challenging goals and reach them effectively than the managers and top management.

Explain the processes to the employees and let them come up with ideas to make the processes better. Do not breath down your employees’ neck to do things in a particular fashion. Let them come up with creative ideas to execute their tasks and activities. Employees are more comfortable at executing their tasks if they can do it in their way. Groups do most of the tasks. Let the entire group arrive at a consensus about the way in which they like to operate.

Inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship within the employees. Let employees realize that they are the owners of this company. Provide employees with Stock Option Plans and other such incentives. You can also achieve this spirit by maintaining transparency. Conduct frequent meetings to clarify to the employees regarding the position of the firm in the market; profits generated; revenue generated; and costs incurred. When employees get a clear picture of the functioning of the organization, they are sure to come up with ideas to better the financial status of the organization.

Break the organization vision into departmental visions and explain the significance of this vision to each team. Indeed, link the career prospects of each employee to the vision. If there is a direct relationship with the vision and the career growth of the employee, the shared vision becomes the top priority of the employees. They will carefully take decisions and solve problems keeping the long-term vision in their mind. Each employee will be fully motivated to perform as there is a great amount of personal advantage and they are at complete control of the work as it progresses.

Ultimately, to foster common goals and shared vision, you need to make your employees your ambassadors. Let each employee be proud of being a part of your organization. Let them appreciate the organizational culture. Foster a learning spirit continuously and this makes employees more loyal to the organization.

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