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Thank God, It’s Monday

posted by Tenneti

Let your employees love work. You need not motivate employees frequently. Managers need to instill a culture that makes work endearing. To make your employees love the work.

  1. Love your work first. Managers need to show great love towards their work and company. You need to show your love towards work in actions and not just words. You can set an example in this way.
  2. Add more fun to the work. Let employees long for the workday. Even though it is very difficult, try to make employees say, “Thank God, It’s Monday.”
  3. Initiate a healthy competitive spirit within the members of the team. Reward the winners. Add more flexibility to the competition and ensure that there is fair play.
  4. Encourage poor performers and give additional attention to them to compete with the best performers. Personally reward all the employees in different grounds.
  5. Little words such as “You have improved a lot” can make a lot of difference in the attitude of the employee.
  6. Inculcate the spirit of family within the team. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with fun. Add more weekend parties for the entire team.
  7. Encourage employees to come up with interesting ideas to complete work in time. Brainstorm with subordinates and let them come up with interesting ideas.
  8. Share everything with your employees. Transparency is the key to clarity. You can motivate employees by clearly communicating all the organizational policies and procedures.
  9. Get rid of the habit of bossing around with the employees. A boss need not be a friend, philosopher, and guide; he needs to be a manager. Managing is like a tight rope walk balancing all these factors.
  10. Build a friendly ambience and let employees work together in teams.
  11. Conduct regular meetings and address issues that are not related to work but are related to the ambience and relations at work.
  12. Break the normal modes of work once in a while. Inspire your employees to strike a balance between work and fun.
  13. Let your employees express their views against the way in which work is going about. Ask them to come up with interesting solutions to make work better.
  14. Encourage the interests and passions of your employees. Conduct frequent sports events and other cultural events to improve the spirit of the workplace.
  15. Make the daily work flexible. Make employees responsible for their work. Focus on getting the work done and not on the time invested at the work place.

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