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Employing self review in documentation

posted by nanda

It is appeasing to the eye and mind to read information that is crisp, easy to grasp, and error free. Therefore, it becomes important to produce premium documents not only for the look and feel, but also to promote superior image of the organization. When we produce excellent quality documents, it does mean that we are sensitive to customer centricity.

We understand that every document needs to be reviewed and edited. In some cases, there is a designated editor in place to edit documents, but in majority of the cases, most writers must rely on peer writers or review it themselves. This implies that writers have to review and revise the content methodically before they submit their documents for editorial review.

Writers should set aside of their time for self review. The self review process is similar the editing process, but it serves a very different purpose. While editing ensures a clean and grammatically correct document with consistent style, self review finds or points out inaccuracies.

Writers should read through their drafts and ensure that the content adheres to their respective style guide standards. While reviewing the drafts, writers should continue to improve accuracy and clarity of the content. For example, they have to look in for any sentences that can be made more effective by rephrasing.

Most importantly, writers should prepare an internal checklist for self review. This should be done mainly based on the comments from editors. By doing this, the checklist is enriched and updated, and writers can never miss out on some of the important issues while reviewing.

Self reviewing a technical document ensures minimal comments from the editorial team, and hence, in due course, writers can produce documents that are seamless.

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  • Nice article, Nanda!

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