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Enhance your reading skills

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Enhance your reading skills

To master the skill of writing, intensive reading is required. Effective reading is one of the basic traits required in almost all the professions.

A business executive is bombarded with hundreds of mails daily; with most of them requiring at least some attention. These mails may contain minutes of meetings, reports pertaining to business affairs, or may be financial data of the firm. The executive’s busy schedule will hardly provide time to examine every word and ponder every detail. Here comes the requirement of developing the skill to push through material at high speed.

A technical writer also goes through similar situations where intensive reading is required. Technical writers need to do a lot of research before they start writing. This research demands reading – reading at high speed and the ability to understand the concept. This skill of speed reading cannot be achieved overnight. As we all know, “Practice makes a man PERFECT.” This adage is well applicable here because practice is the only way to achieve speed reading.

What leads to poor reading and how to overcome it?

It is very important to know what leads to poor reading. Poor reading can be because of:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Day dreaming
  • Poor vocabulary
  • Terminology used in the writing

Many times when we open a book to read, we end up in a different world – that’s day dreaming. Sometimes we read without understanding the content, because our mind is not able to interpret as fast as what we see in less time. Sometimes words which we are unaware of also come as a hurdle on the way of reading. Awareness of basic words can be a way to overcome this hurdle. Terminologies and jargons used in writing can also be a reason of poor reading or poor understanding. There are many ways to overcome all these hurdles. These are the few techniques to increase the reading speed:

  • Reading more and for longer duration

Reading an entire novel or a complete magazine in a single evening can help to gain concentration for longer duration. When we start reading, for the first few minutes, we will be able to concentrate well; but as the duration increases, concentration decreases. So, to concentrate for longer duration we need to practice reading for long durations. If one is not able to concentrate in the initial stages, then there is a way to gain concentration before starting actual reading. Reverse the reading material making it upside down, and then start reading from right to left from the right-bottom of the page. This reverse reading helps to gain concentration.

  • Reading with a keen awareness of the structure of a piece of writing

Reading analyzed material, selected from magazine, newspaper and text book can help to become familiar with the style with which the writer structures the material. With this we can easily distinguish main ideas from the supporting details.

  • Reading so that you interpret more than what you see in less time

Reading set of words rather than reading word by word is a key to rapid reading. The sharper and more interpretation of peripheral vision becomes, the wider usable eyes span will be.

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