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Advantage Adobe FrameMaker 11

posted by Tenneti

Adobe FrameMaker has been a constant choice for our authoring requirements since version 7.2. Truly, FrameMaker has been getting better over every release. When Adobe Technical Communication Suite hit the markets, it really made the life of a technical writer lot easier. I have been tracking all the releases closely and have been working on majority of them.Here are some of my favorite features about the latest version – Adobe FrameMaker 11.

Smart Paste: This feature helps us copy unstructured content from other sources and paste it as proper and valid DITA content. I have always wanted a feature like this that helps copying content from other sources. I’m not sure if it might need some additional human verification. Despite having such a need, it is really awesome to have a feature like this. It definitely saves a great amount of time and effort for the writer.

Code View and Author View: Borrowing the concept from Dreamweaver I believe, the Code View is such a user-friendly way to help edit XML directly. The Author View also seems to be helpful in the way in which the writers need not be bothered about page outlines and other formatting. The usage of Master Pages has always given FrameMaker an edge over other tools like Microsoft Word. These views add more feathers to the cap for a good application like FrameMaker.

Ability to combine DITA and non-DITA content: There have been many situations within our teams when we had to add some content immediately that is not DITA validated. The ability to combine such content with DITA content and get it ready for publishing is an invaluable asset for people who handle many changes in the last minute. I look forward to generate faster versions of my Release Notes using this feature.

Publishing content with HTML5 capabilities: I always wondered if my help output can be reused and available in different screen sizes such as mobiles with HTML5 capability. Now that FrameMaker with RoboHelp integration offers this, the help is ready to reach millions who use only their mobiles for information. People like me, who are also into web development, will definitely appreciate this capability as we know the numerous design and usability advantages it offers for everyone.

Quick Catalogs, Banner text for XML tags, configurable dictionary support, and line number display are some of the features that I have been waiting for a long time in FrameMaker.

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