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Release Notes Template

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Release Notes Template

Title Page

Release Notes
<Product Name>
<Document and Product Version Numbers>
<Document Revision Numbers>

TOC Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Product Introduction
Chapter 2. New features and significant changes
Chapter 3. Fixed Issues and Bugs
Chapter 4. Installation or Upgrade procedure
Chapter 5. System requirements
Chapter 6. Known Issues and Alternatives
Chapter 7. Documentation Updates
Chapter 8. Support Information
Appendix A. Copyrights Information

Chapter 1. Product introduction
This section of the guide provides information about the product and how to use the product. It includes information about the basic features and functionality of the product.
Product overview
This section lists the components or features of the product.

Chapter 2. New features and significant changes
This chapter provides information about new features introduced in this release of the product along with the significant changes to the product.

Chapter 3. Fixed issues and bugs
This chapter lists all the issues and bugs that have been addressed in this release of the product. A comprehensive table listing the bug tracker number and the details of the issue must be included in this chapter.

Chapter 4. Installation or upgrade procedure
This chapter describes the procedure required to install the product or upgrade to this release of the product if the user already owns a previous version.

Chapter 5. System requirements
This chapter describes the physical, environmental, and system requirements for this product to function fully without any issues.

Chapter 6. Known issues and alternatives
This chapter lists all the known limitations and issues along with the alternative approach to get the work done until these issues are addressed.

Chapter 7. Documentation updates
This chapter lists all the changes to the guides provided with the product that were not updated before the publishing of the documents.

Chapter 8. Support information
This chapter provides contact details for support if the user faces any issue while working with the product.

Appendix A.Copyrights information
<Include copyrights and other related information here.>
<Include trademarks and other related information here.>

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