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User Guide Template

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User Guide Template

Title Page
User Guide

Copyrights page


Table of Contents Page

Preface page
This section of the guide provides information about the document and how to use the document. It includes information about the guide, conventions used in the guide, and information about related documentation.
About this guide
This section includes a brief overview about the guide, its audience, and purpose.
How to use this guide
This section provides basic instructions pertinent to the usage of this guide.
Document conventions
This section includes the basic conventions used in the guide. Conventions include the styles that are defined in the Style Guide for consistency purposes. Cautions, Notes, and Warnings are typical examples of styles that should be consistent across the document.
Document revisions
This section includes a table listing the revisions of this guide. Table columns include date of revision, author who made the revision, and a summary of changes of each revision.
Related documentation
This section lists all the related documents and the location to access them.

Chapter 1. Introduction
This chapter provides a brief overview of the product. This chapter contains sub-headings as follows.
Product overview
This section lists the components or features of the product.

Chapter 2. Getting Started
This chapter provides information that helps the end user to begin using the product.

Chapter 3. Basic Concepts
This chapter defines the basic concepts that are relevant to the usage of this product. This chapter contains sub-sections as follows.
Concept definition
This section defines a major concept that is integral to the usage of the product.
Concept description
This section provides the description for the concept defined in the earlier section.

Chapter 4. Using function 1 or performing action 1
This chapter describes a feature of the product and includes all the procedures required to be performed to utilize this feature.

Chapter 5. Using function 2 or performing action 2
This chapter describes the second feature of the product and includes all the procedures required to be performed to utilize this feature.

Chapter 6. Troubleshooting
This chapter provides basic troubleshooting information that the end user can perform on one’s own.

Appendix A. Additional Information
This appendix includes any additional information that needs to be included for the end user along with the guide.

This section lists all the technical terms used in the document along with their definitions.

This section includes words and the page numbers where they are located in the guide.

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